Colin Decker – stunt performer, coordinator & co-owner of Fire4Hire

Colin has been doing stunts since 2002. He started his stunt journey with a brief foray into the world of professional wrestling where he performed under the moniker Tom Collins “Everyone’s favorite wrestling bartender”. From there Colin trained in gymnastics, martial arts, weapons of all sorts, driving anything with wheels and a motor, and most notably fire stunts. He is 1 half of the company Fire4Hire, a Vancouver based fire stunt service company with their own unique flame protectant gel. In 2007 Colin and his partner Dustin Brooks were nominated for an Academy Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation. Colin also broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Time on Fire in 2010. He currently resides in Vancouver where he works in many capacities of stunts for Film and Television.

Maya Macatumpag – Stunt Performer 

Rorelee Tio

Maya’s first stunt was when she was 8 years old on the pilot of Smallville. She was surrounded by a ring of fire and she had to cry while it surrounded her in the shot. Maya is the daughter of a veteran stunt performer and much of her childhood activities and skills gave her a foundation of movement that allowed her opportunities in stunts at a younger age. She trained in mixed martial arts, basic gymnastics, dance and played basketball at a collegiate level. Throughout her life she performed stunts part-time and in between school, but it wasn’t until she graduated from university with her first degree that she decided to pursue stunts as a career full time. Since then, Maya has recently been nominated for two Taurus World Stunt Awards for her work in the movie ‘Good Boys’ and continues to train and develop to make her a more well rounded stunt performer. She also works on the MBT (Members Benefits Trust) committee where she is learning as a new committee member how to find better ways for union members to contribute and access their funds for retirement and extended health.

Eric Mazimpaka – Stunt Performer

Born in Nairobi Kenya, Eric Mazimpaka immigrated to Sweden under refugee states with his mother and two brothers. Moving to Canada four years later, after being sponsored by  St. Andrews cathedral in Victoria B.C.  Canada was where Eric began martial arts – Capoeira specifically. Spending years training martial arts, playing sports and taking part in fine arts created the bases for his love of movement and performing.  Not knowing what direction to go after high school, Eric found himself working in a retirement home as a residential care attendant. During this time, a friend of his in high school ask if he would be interested in joining a new agency in Vancouver looking for new faces. After months of failed auditions, Eric managed to book a role as a stunt actor utilizing the years of athletics and fine arts growing up. Through this job, Eric was introduced to stunts. Eric has been doing stunts for Seven years now and he feels like he is just starting to hit his stride in this incredible industry.