Mission Statement

UBCP/ACTRA’s Age Inclusion Working Group Committee values inclusion, accessibility, and equity. The Committee seeks to promote the recognition of the importance of all our performers aged 55+; their wisdom, stories and rightful place, both within the industry and within society at large.
We are dedicated to identifying problems and challenges faced by our aged 55+ members. The Committee will provide policy recommendations and otherwise work toward implementing solutions to any issues that limit the opportunities available to these members.

Staying Healthy On Set

MBT – What Happens To My Benefits When I Retire

AFBS – What Happens To My Benefits When I Retire

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CSARN hosts gatherings called the CSARN Salons. It’s a chance to meet other artists of their cohort, find out what others are up to, and perhaps learn new ways of creating.

CSARN (Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network) – Tom Jackson – Maintaining Creativity V – Chapter One