See below for some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Driver’s Licence or my Notice of Assessment to prove I’m a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident?

No, we only accept one of the following documents: Canadian passport; Canadian birth certificate; Certificate of Indian Status card; Citizenship card; or Permanent Resident card.

My Canadian passport is expired. May I still use it to prove I’m a Canadian citizen?


My Permanent Resident card is expired. May I still use it to prove I’m a permanent resident?

No, we require a valid Permanent Resident card.

Will I be able to work on student films or other non-commercial projects after I join UBCP/ACTRA?

Only if the project  is signatory to our Ultra Low Budget Program or any other UBCP/ACTRA or ACTRA agreement.

What happens if I don’t pay my Annual Dues on time?

Annual Dues are due April 1 and must be paid no later than April 30 every year. Members who miss the April 1st deadline. Will have a 10% charge added to their account.

If  Annual Dues remain unpaid by April 30, Background and Apprentice  memberships are cancelled,  Active Full Members will be suspended, and Suspended Full Members who have not paid the Annual Dues for more than two (2) consecutive years automatically become Resigned Members.

My membership was cancelled. May I reactivate it?

Once a Background or Apprentice Membership is cancelled, it cannot be reactivated.  To become a Member again, you have to re-apply.

My membership was suspended due to non-payment. How can I reactivate it?

To become a member in good standing you must pay all outstanding Annual Dues and Late Fee charges.

What are some of the consequences of being a Suspended Member?

Suspended Members cannot work as a performer; should work occur, they will pay non-refundable work permit fees, not receive the producer insurance and retirement contribution amounts and  pay  a service fee of 25% on all Film & Television residual payments and 10% on all Commercial use fee payments. A Member who is suspended for two consecutive years for non-payment of Annual Dues automatically becomes a Resigned Member.

I need to take a break from working in the industry. Can I switch my membership to Withdrawn status?

Only Full Members who have been in good standing for at least one (1) year may put their membership on Withdrawn status. 

Withdrawn Members may audition but may not work in either union or non-union productions. If work is booked, the membership must be reactivated before the first day of work. If you decide to proceed,  please submit a completed and signed copy of the Withdrawal form.  We will contact you to pay the withdrawal fee which is 25% of the Annual Dues.

My membership is on Withdrawn status. How may I reactivate it?

To reactivate your membership you must pay the current prorated Annual Dues. You do not pay Annual Dues for the time your membership has been on Withdrawn status.

I want to cancel my Background or Apprentice Membership. What should I do?

 You need to send a completed and signed copy of either the Background Member Cancellation Form or the Apprentice Member Cancellation Form to We will notify you when the cancellation has been processed.

I want to resign as a Full Member. What should I do?

We strongly recommend that you review the UBCP/ACTRA Bylaws and ACTRA Bylaws and Constitution which outline the consequences of changing your member status to Resigned.

We also encourage everyone to contact their benefits provider before making a decision, as the insurance and retirement accounts might be affected.

Resigned Members remain Members as per the Union Bylaws and Constitution and are therefore subject to possible discipline and fines upon reinstatement or reactivation of membership ie. Should instances of participation in non-union productions be found.

 To proceed  send a completed and signed copy of the Voluntary Resignation Form to We will notify you when the change has been processed.

I’m a Resigned Member. May I reinstate my membership?

Yes, Resigned Members may request that their membership be reactivated and must submit a Reinstatement/Reactivation Declaration Form to do so. Please contact Member Services for a copy of the form and further information about the process.

I want to join as a Background Member. May I include days of work on non-union productions to prove that I worked 15 days in the last 12 months?

No, you cannot include days of work on non-union productions.

You can only submit background performer vouchers for performance/on-camera days. Vouchers for Covid test days, wardrobe fittings make-up and hair test are not eligible for membership.

I want to apply as an Apprentice Member by proving that I worked 200 days or 1600 hours as a Background Member. When should I start counting my days or hours?

Your count starts from the date you became a Background Member. If you don’t remember when you became a Background Member, please contact the Membership Department.

I have changed my name. What should I do?

Please submit a completed and signed copy of the Change of Name Form. to We will notify you when the change has been processed.

I moved out of British Columbia, and want to transfer my membership to another branch. What should I do?

Please submit a completed and signed copy of the Branch Transfer Form along with proof of residence in your new province to   We will notify you, and your new branch, when the transfer has been processed.

I moved to British Columbia, and want to transfer my membership from another branch. What should I do?

Please contact your current home branch and request a Branch Transfer Form. Your transfer will be processed by your current home branch.

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