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The UBCP/ACTRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee will recommend to the Executive Board policies and advocate for equitable representation forvisibly diverse and historically marginalized artistic communities and create an inclusive environment to right historical inequities within Canada and British Columbia’s recorded media sector.

Our Vision 

The UBCP/ACTRA Equity and Inclusion Committee acknowledges that the land on which we gather is the unceded and traditional territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Coast Salish peoples.

We are a volunteer committee made up of UBCP/ACTRA Members who are professionals in the entertainment industry and are supported by UBCP/ACTRA staff.

The UBCP/ACTRA Equity and Inclusion Committee strives to create an inclusive working environment that will reduce barriers and foster more opportunities for our union’s members from diverse communities. The  Committee considers ‘visibly diverse and historically marginalized artistic communities’ to include, but are not limited to, Racialized Groups, Queer, Elder, Indigenous, and People with Disabilities.

Our Mission 
To draw from the personal experiences of Committee members who represent visibly diverse and historically marginalizedcommunities to help to identify and articulate contemporary challenges. To recommend support structures for professionals from diverse communities to be equitably represented in recorded media. To discuss and recommend policy and initiatives that will help create a UBCP/ACTRA agenda on diversity.

UBCP/ACTRA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s Roundtable Series –  Afro-Canadian, Middle-Eastern/North-African (MENA) and East Asian actors discuss their personal experiences, challenges, triumphs. Their  stories demonstrate their perseverance against steep odds in the film and television industry. These inspirational conversations are for all performers and any underrepresented people pursuing their dreams.

Middle-Eastern/North-African (MENA)
East Asian

Equity & Inclusion Committee BLOG

UBCP/ACTRA members launch of the Equity Film Incentive BC Campaign!

Did you know racialized workers make up 29% of BC’s labour force but only 15% of workers in BC’s thriving film and TV industry? That Indigenous and differently-abled workers are also seriously underrepresented in BC Film? And that for over a decade women have been stuck at just 32% of all work in our industry, despite making up 48% of the provincial work force? 

More than half of  UBCP/ACTRA members are seriously impacted by current unfair hiring practices in our industry. Like many jurisdictions, your union wants to change this reality. We propose modernizing BC’s successful tax credit system with the Equity Film Incentive BC.

Treasurer Ellie Harvie moderated a panel of members including Tricia Collins, Dhirendra Miyanger, Maja Aro, Lorne Cardinal, Winnie Hung, Darby Steeves and Trevor Lerner hearing how their careers have been impacted by lack of opportunity, and what a difference a tax credit incentive would make. 

Click the link below to hear the panel:


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