UBCP/ACTRA Queer Committee Mission Statement

UBCP/ACTRA’s Queer Committee is dedicated to raising awareness about Queer Performers, our stories and our place in the industry and society. We value diversity and equality and we aim to be recognized, supported and valued as Queer Performers.

Through ongoing education we inform our industry about realistic Queer representation on screen as we seek a more accurate and balanced reflection of our rich and multifaceted community.

We work to end harassment and stereotyping of any kind. We also work to achieve true-to-life Queer onscreen visibility of our culture, stories and bring positive change to our industry.

In addition, this committee collaborates in solidarity with other UBCP/ACTRA Groups and Committees in order to reach our collective goals of fairness and respect for all in the workplace.


Queer in this context is used as an umbrella term for all LGBTQQ2SIA+* Individuals. While many Queer Folk understand the meaning of the “Alphabet Acronym” our committee’s main goal is to engage and educate potential allies and the general public about the unique obstacles and challenges we face.

For the time being, the term “Queer” is straightforward and understandable to the vast majority of non-Queer people. It is the best option for the moment, however, the Queer Committee can update and edit its name and mission statement in the future as the committee’s goals and focus change and evolve over time.

The Chair and Current members of the Queer Committee can propose these changes to the mission statement with final approval by The UBCP/ACTRA Executive Board.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, 2-spirited, Intersex, Asexual and Non-Binary.

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