The mission of YEAA Vancouver is to establish a safe space for emerging union artists (who play 17-30) to build relationships and develop their craft.


  • The YEAA committee will provide opportunities for professional development and introduce young emerging actors to existing organizations within the city.
  • We are passionate about organizing workshops and panels which will advance the work the young film community wishes to create. Additionally, YEAA Vancouver strives to increase the knowledge-base for emerging artists in regards to what the union can provide for them; how to best utilize their membership.


  • YEAA strives to create a network, develop connections, and cultivate the next generation of film artists.
  • Part of our goal as a committee is to organize industry events and host fundraisers for our future endeavors. We are excited to work with existing groups to continue to build an inviting network for emerging union film artists.


  • YEAA commits to fostering and encouraging the community of emerging artists in the development and creation of original work.
  • We will workshop and produce new scripts pitched by a member as a committee project. Upon completion, we will host a screening of the project to showcase our work!

Connect with us!


Twitter: @YEAAVancouver

Instagram: @yeaavancouver