The UBCP/ACTRA Communications Committee will ensure that the Union’s activities are effectively conveyed in service of Members’ needs and interests.


Establish communication policies and procedures that ensure a coordinated and consistent process between Board and Staff.

Work with UBCP/ACTRA Board Members and Committee Chairs to ensure that Membership is continually informed and engaged.

Ensure UBCP/ACTRA’s presence and influence with industry partners and the world at large.

Utilize the Strategic Priorities document as a guideline for all communications.

Ensure clarity, accessibility and intuitive navigation of the Union’s website with a view towards optimizing its usage by Members.

Ensure that all communications adhere to an intersectional lens that reflects the Union’s commitment to equity and inclusion.

Ensure that all communications adhere to the Union’s vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities.

Maintain and/or update social media policy as required.