1. The BC Motion Picture Industry Covid-19 PANDEMIC PRODUCTION GUIDE (PPG)
    This is the full 62 page document that serves as a guide for all BC productions. Everything in this document was agreed to by all the BC film unions, Canadian Producers (CMPA) and US Producers (AMPTP) and Commercial producers. This is where you can find ‘best practices’ and recommendations to reduce the risk of viral transmission for all departments in the film industry, including performers.
    Sections related to STUNTS are: 

    7.F  General Technicians –  or page 33 of PPG (for some props & VFX: Scanning & Motion Capture)
    7.G Hair/MU/Costumes – or page 36 of PPG  (all protocols for safe interactions with these departments)
    7.J  Performers – or page 46 of PPG (all sections important – General physical distancing, Close Contact & Intimate Scenes, Equipment & Props, Casting/Rehearsals/Fittings, Stunt Performers, Minors)
    7.L  Transportation – page 55 of PPG  (for transportation/shuttles and picture vehicles)

  1. WorkSafeBC – Motion Picture & TV Production: Protocols for Returning to  Operation7.F  General Technicians

    – Click on Protocols for motion picture and television production
    – Click on Filming – this is where you will find info that applies most to stunts in the “Close Contact & Intimate Scenes” section

  2. Cleaning and Disinfection of Climbing Sutra Stunt Harnesses
    A product called the ThermalStrike Ranger is a low-temperature cleaning system that operates at temperatures which eliminates pathogens, such as COVID, strep, and influenza, and meets the EPA requirements as a hospital grade disinfectant for daily use.   Theoretically, other hard to clean items such as stunt pads may also be disinfected by using this same device.  Climbing Sutra has approved this device for the disinfecting of their harnesses.