Sexual violence and sexual harassment is endemic and is a barrier preventing women and girls from living healthy, happy lives. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 women who are sexually assaulted do not report because of humiliation or fear of re-victimization. When women do come forward they are frequently blamed for being assaulted causing many women to feel humiliated, ashamed, unsafe, and unsupported or fear they will be re-victimized if they report sexual assault. Sexual violence carries a stigma and many girls and women are blamed for their assault.

#MeToo has brought to light the prevalence of sexual violence against women in many industries including the film industry. Women have often defined their own sexual harassment and assault as something unspoken, something private, something to be ashamed of acknowledging. Through #MeToo women have been able to speak out about their experiences of sexual violence/harassment. It has amplified women’s voices and created a community of support.

Battered Women Support Services (BWSS) is a woman’s organization in Metro Vancouver committed to supporting and advocating for women who have experienced gendered-violence.

BWSS has quickly organized to provide 100% confidential support services to all self-identified women UBCP/ACTRA members who have experienced physical, sexual violence and/or sexual harassment through their work in the Film and TV Industry. Services include a dedicated counsellor and option for a support group based on the agreement of 100% confidentiality by all women who attend.

To schedule an appointment with the counsellor, please call the dedicated phone line for UBCP/ACTRA members, 604-652-1010

Additionally, BWSS has a Legal Advocacy team and Staff Lawyer that can support you in any way you choose to interact with the legal system –answering any questions you may have, speaking to law enforcement, laying charges, etc.

BWSS is committed to providing you with the support and resources you need. You are not alone.

If you have any questions please email Rona, or call the dedicated phone line, 604-652-1010.

If you wish to speak with someone from BWSS anonymously you can call the crisis line at 604-687-1867.

For men who may wish to speak with someone please email or call 604-682-6482.

Sexual Harassment in the wake of Weinstein and #MeToo

What has become clear (for those who were previously unaware), is that this is a systemic problem that almost all women have experienced. Men have also experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. This type of harassment is extremely under-reported, and Performers are especially vulnerable due to the precarious nature of their employment.

UBCP/ACTRA takes complaints of harassment very seriously. If harassment happens to you in the workplace, please contact UBCP/ACTRA for support and guidance through the reporting process.

UBCP/ACTRA has a Health and Safety Performers Advocate (Lori Stewart). This position was created in 2015 to support Members and work toward changing the culture of fear around reporting all health and safety complaints on set. The Union Stewards are also well versed in the correct steps to take when a Performer experiences harassment. We have your back.

Sexual Harassment information and resources