UBCP/ACTRA’s BIPOC Committee would like to invite our members to join us in celebrating Black History Month.  Let’s take this month to look for opportunities to celebrate and appreciate the Black diaspora in all its rich diversity in the field of arts and entertainment.   As artists and storytellers, we are imbued with the talent and ability to reach the hearts and minds of people to bring our collective humanity to shine in the light of freedom, artistic excellence and equality.  
We are so proud to share the news that our member, Candus Churchill, actress, singer, arts advocate has been inducted as one of the 2020-21 StarMeritus Stars at the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, Ms. Churchill!

Black History Month was recognized by the Government of Canada in the House of Commons in 1995. The motion was introduced by the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian woman elected to parliament. Vancouver City Council passed a motion in 2011, designating Black History Month one of its official celebrations. Every February, we celebrate the history, contributions, and culture of Black Canadians.” – City of Vancouver 

BIPOC Committee
Angela Moore (Chair) 
Broadus Mattison (Co Chair) 
Dhirendra (Co Chair)
Teana-Marie Smith (Co chair)
Panthea Vatandoost (Co Chair)
Leslie Parmar (Co Chair)