The UBCP/ACTRA Scholarship Committee will award a maximum of up to $5,000 per Member per calendar year, to eligible Full Members, to enhance their education, professional industry skills or assist with career transitioning (where the member is moving on from their performing career due to reasons including but not limited to injury, lack of work, age, industry and/or technology changes). Programs which assist the member in continuing to develop their careers, whether directly through performer training, retraining or through training in other fields to supplement their income will also be considered.  

Note: The scholarship is not intended for members starting their career and needing training. Professional development is for established performers. Depending on the request, applicants may only be approved for a portion of the amount, which can be up to a maximum of $5,000. Priority consideration will be given to members who wish to broaden their skills within the film and television industry. 

Members should not be applying for multiple courses at the same time or for ongoing monthly lessons.