UBCP/ACTRA Award Past Recipients


Lead Performance, Male – Christopher Shyer – Debris – Solar Winds

Lead Performance, Female – Camille Sullivan – Hunter Hunter

Supporting Performance, Male – Hiro Kanagawa – Deeper I Go

Supporting Performance, Female – Eden Summer Gilmore – The Good Doctor – Parenting

Voice Performance – Brent Miller – Lego Ninjago – Ninjago Confidential

Stunt Performance – Yusuf A. Ahmed, Brett Chan, Andrew Chin, Aliya Iskakova, Jennifer Li, Derick Vizcarra Kung Fu – Pilot


Best Lead Performance, Male​ – ​John Cassini​ for his role in ​Daughter 
Best Lead Performance, Female​ – ​Carmen Moore​ for her role in ​Rustic Oracle 
Best Supporting Performance, Male ​– ​Brendan Fletcher​ ​for his role in​ Night Hunter 
Best Supporting Performance, Female ​– ​Jenn MacLean-Angus​ for her role in ​Daughter 
Best Voice Performance ​– ​Giles Panton​ for her performance in ​Absolute Carnage
Best Stunt Performance ​- Stunt performers ​Corry Glass​ and ​Adrian Hein​ for their performances in ​The Detour – The Sister


Best Actor – Ben Cotton for his role in Crown and Anchor
Best Actress – Camille Sullivan for her role in Kingsway
Best Emerging Performer – Steven Roberts for his role in In God I Trust
Best Voice – Erin Mathews for her performance in Super Monsters Furever Friends
Best Stunt – Stunt coordinator Eli Zagoudakis and stunt performers Nathaniel Shuker and Marshall Bingham for their performances in Arrow


Best Actor – Bob Frazer 
Best Actress – Karin Konoval 
Best Emerging Performer – Daniel Doheny 
Best Voice – Sabrina Pitre 
Best Stunt – Stunt coordinator Brett Chan & stunt performers Gerald Paetz, Andrew Chin and Mark Chin


Best Actor – Adrian Holmes
Best Actress – Tammy Gillis
Best Emerging Performer – Adam DiMarco
Best Voice – Rebecca Husain
Best Stunt  – Stunt coordinator  Simon Burnett & stunt performers Leif Havdale, Corry Glass, and Jon Kralt


Best Actor – Aleks Paunovic
Best Actress – Camille Sullivan
Best Emerging Performer – Jacob Tremblay
Best Voice – Lee Tockar
Best Stunt  – Adrien Hein


Best Actor – Michael Eklund
Best Actress – Camille Sullivan
Best Emerging Performer – Dakota Daulby
Best Voice – Brian Drummond
Best Stunt  – Leif Havdale


Best Actor – Ian Tracey
Best Actress – Sara Canning
Best Newcomer – Taylor Hill
Best Voice –  Andrea Libman
Best Stunt – Leif Havdale


Best Actor – John Pyper-Ferguson
Best Actress – Gabrielle Rose
Best Newcomer – Tyler Johnston
Best Voice – Nicole Oliver
Best Stunt – Colby Chartrand


Best Actor – Stephen Lobo
Best Actress – Camille Sullivan
Best Newcomer – Kacey Rohl
Best Voice – Andrea Libman
Best Stunt – Phil Mitchell