Qualifying Credit

To join as an Apprentice Member, a performer must have one qualifying credit. The first qualifying credit can be:

  • An Acting Credit: a professional engagement in an eligible category for which a work permit was paid. We will need the contract and pay stub.
  • An Education Credit: a degree or diploma from a qualifying program approved by UBCP/ACTRA
  • 1600 hours or 200 days of work from when you joined as a UBCP/ACTRA Background Member1

To join as a Full Member, a performer must have at least three qualifying credits. The first qualifying credit can be an Acting Credit, an Education Credit, or 1600hrs/200 days of work as a Background Member. Second and subsequent credits must be Acting Credits.

A member in good standing with SAG-AFTRA or Equity UK may apply to be a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA after having worked on at least one residual bearing role on a UBCP/ACTRA production. For more information click here.

Deadlines for credit registration

An Education Credit must be registered within one (1) year of the date of graduation. The institution must submit a copy of the official transcript directly to the Union.

1 To obtain your payroll history, please contact Cast & Crew and Entertainment Partners Canada directly