As you know, Talent Agents can charge Performers a commission on wages, including Residuals/Use Fees, in accordance with Employment Standards as indicated here.   Our practice at UBCP/ACTRA has been to mail Residuals/Use Fees directly to you, the Performer.  This enables you to pay your Talent Agent(s) any commissions that may be due.

However, there is another option.  You may wish to have your Residuals/Use Fees mailed directly to your current Talent Agent.  Should you choose this option, please fill out our “Authorization and Indemnity Form” and return it to Kaayla Kenna at  This form is only required should you wish to have all Film, TV and New Media Residuals/Use Fees mailed to your current Talent Agent instead of to you.

The choice is yours!

FINAL Residual Release Authorization Form