Question 1. Are you in favour of the changes in the housekeeping omnibus?

Click here for housekeeping changes

Question 2. Are you in favour of increasing the number of Executive Board directors to eight (from six)?

That the Executive Board be comprised of eight directors instead of the present six. (Quorum for meetings would not change and would remain at six.) (click here)

Question 3. Are you in favour of decreasing the number of membership meetings from four to three per year?

That there be three Membership Meetings per year, every four months, instead of four, every three months; (This includes the AGM as per Article 15 (a) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING). (click here)

Question 4. Are you in favour of making an orientation course a mandatory requirement of membership? As a mandatory requirement for Full Membership, a Performer must complete the prescribed orientation course. (click here)