In order to become a member you need to be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency status.

The Union can offer Temporary Membership once you have applied for Permanent Residency. As a Temporary Member you do not have member status per se, however you will have a Temporary Member status marker put on your UBCP/ACTRA account. This means you are able to hold a maximum of three (3) qualifying credits to use towards Full Membership once you receive Permanent Residency status.

For further clarity you are still considered a non-Member, non-Canadian when it comes to preference of engagement and work permits.

In order to submit a request for Temporary Membership, please submit the documents listed below to

  • Confirmation that your application for Permanent Residency is under way (The Canadian Government generally provides a confirmation email that includes a file number)
  • Copy of your work VISA issued by the Canadian Government
  • Proof of at least one qualifying Acting Credit (Contract and Paystub) obtained within the past 6 weeks

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