ACTRA has negotiated some of the strongest collective agreements for performers in the world covering film, TV, radio, digital media, animation, voice, videogame and commercial production.

Audio Code

British Columbia Master Animation Agreement

British Columbia Master Production Agreement

Broadcaster Agreement

National Commercial Agreement

Other Agreements

If you are unsure of which agreement applies to your production or for more information on working with our agreements please contact our Business Agent

Ultra Low Budget Programs 
Working with a low-to-no budget? A student film?  We’ve got agreements for that too!
The Union has established Ultra Low Budget Programs in order to allow Union Members and producers the ability to work together on low-budget productions while protecting the rights of the performers. Currently the Union offers three Ultra Low Budget Programs; Student Ultra Low Budget Program, 40 Under Indie Ultra Low Budget Program and the standard Ultra Low Budget Program. Click here to view the “I Shoot UBCP” Video.

Additional Historical Documents
Tysoe Report (Industrial Inquiry Commission February 2004)