UBCP/ACTRA has two types of established Committees:

1) Standing Committees: These are permanent bodies charged under the governing documents of the Union charged with specific duties that are integral to the function of the Union.  Standing Committees are strictly advisory in nature; the power to direct the business of the Union rests, as always, with the Executive Board.

2) Member Committees: A Member Committee is a collective of union members sharing common interests, aiming to raise awareness and advocate for the interests of their demographic within UBCP/ACTRA’s jurisdiction. These committees serve as conduits of information, ideas, and recommendations to the Executive Board. 

If you would like to join a meeting, or have any comments, suggestions or questions for any of the Committees listed below, please email: [email protected]

Governance Committee - Bylaw Feedback Form


Current Standing Committees and their Board Liaison

CommitteeBoard Liaison
Finance and Administration CommitteeBroadus Mattison
Discipline CommitteeTBD
Governance CommitteeShawn Macdonald
Scholarship CommitteeBroadus Mattison

Current Member Committees and their Board Liaison

CommitteesBoard Liaison
ACTRA National DEIB CommitteeAliza Vellani, Brian Doe Chua and Raugi Yu
ACTRA National Women’s CommitteeLexa Doig and Anisha Cheema
Background CommitteeDax Belanger
BIPOC CommitteeAliza Vellani
Blue Sky Committee (Formerly Reinvesting in the Membership Committee)Broadus Mattison
Dance CommitteeAnisha Cheema
Environmental CommitteeAnisha Cheema
Guardians of Minors CommitteeDax Belanger and Keith Martin Gordey
Indigenous Members CommitteeKeith Martin Gordey
Member Education CommitteeLiza Huget, Fred Ewanuick and Brian Doe Chua
Mental Health and AccessibilityLiza Huget
Performance Capture CommitteeBrian Doe Chua and Dax Belanger
Performers Who Create CommitteeFred Ewanuick and Raugi Yu
Principal Performers CommitteeLexa Doig, Aliza Vellani and Fred Ewanuick
Queer Performers CommitteeShawn Macdonald
Regional Members CommitteeDax Belanger and Raugi Yu
Stunt CommitteeRob Hayter
Voice CommitteeBrian Doe Chua and Fred Ewanuick
Women’s CommitteeLexa Doig and Anisha Cheema
YEAA CommitteeAnisha Cheema and Brian Doe Chua