UBCP/ACTRA and ACTRA have negotiated some of the strongest collective agreements for performers in the world, covering film, TV, radio, digital media, animation, voice, videogame, and commercial production.

The British Columbia Master Production Agreement (BCMPA) governs film and television production in British Columbia and the Yukon including, but not limited to, Theatrical Motion Pictures, Free Television Series, Free Television Long-Form Programs and Cable TV.

The British Columbia Master Animation Agreement (BCMAA) applies to performers engaged in animation production in British Columbia and the Yukon.

UBCP/ACTRA’s Low budget agreement for domestic video games with a budget of $2,000,000 or less.

Covers e-learning modules, in-house audio recordings, in-transit announcements, audiobooks, radio drama, narration, audio guides (for museums, parks, etc.), telephony and robocalls. 

Some broadcasters have separate agreements with ACTRA for productions produced by them in-house.

The NCA establishes the terms and conditions for on- and off-camera performers engaged in English-language commercial production in Canada and ensures reasonable pay, benefits and retirement contributions.

Covers the engagement of performers in all film, television and digital media production in Canada (except in British Columbia)

ACTRA’s national collective agreements and regional, specialized agreements cover the whole gamut including film, TV, radio, digital media and videogame productions.

ACTRA has reciprocal agreements for ACTRA members with various Canadian and international sibling unions.