All members are required to maintain professional conduct at all times and to act in a manner that protects and respects the integrity of the profession, their co-workers, and the union. 

Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct, the UBCP/ACTRA Bylaws, or terms of the BC Master Production Agreement may result in a member facing discipline under the UBCP/ACTRA Bylaws. 

Discipline could result in fines, suspension, or expulsion from the union. 

Once you accept a booking, you are required to make yourself available for as long as you are needed. The same applies to auditions. 

Follow the instructions of the Background Coordinator at all times. If you have a problem with anything or anyone, speak to the Background Coordinator as they are responsible for directing background action as well as supervising and coordinating all background activities both on and off set. 

Working on a movie set is no different from working in any other employment environment and the same regulations apply. There will be no boisterous behaviour, and profanity is unacceptable. Do not bring any inappropriate graphic material, either in print form or on your laptop. No alcoholic or narcotic substances are allowed  on set, in the holding area or vicinity. Do not approach or distract the actors, director, producer, etc. 

Any inappropriate conduct or comment (verbal, non-verbal, sexual or physical) that would cause a person to be humiliated or intimidated is unacceptable and may result in termination from the production as well as possible disciplinary action by UBCP/ACTRA. 

Examples of bullying & harassment include, but are not limited to:

• verbal aggression, insults or use of derogatory names 

• vandalizing personal belongings or sabotaging someone’s work

• making aggressive or threatening gestures 

• spreading malicious gossip or rumours

• physical or verbal threats 

• making personal attacks based on someone’s private life and/or personal traits

Member responsibilities include: 

• not engaging in bullying and harassment 

• reporting observed or experienced bullying and harassment 

• applying and complying with the production’s policies and procedures

When booked for “Continuity” you are required to have exactly the same hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe, and accessories for the duration of that booking. If you have additional wardrobe changes for different days it is your responsibility to keep track of which outfit you wear for each specific day. 

The craft service table is a privilege and is not to be abused. Clean up after yourself and only take what you need.  The items provided are for consumption while working and are not to be taken home for later. Never eat off the crew craft service table unless you are a full union member or working on a union voucher. Always carry your membership card and present it when requested. 

If you have specific dietary needs or suffer from allergies, it is your responsibility to provide your own meals and snacks. If you suffer from severe food allergies be sure to bring your own Epipen. 

If you sustain an injury, big or small, advise the Background Coordinator immediately and report to First Aid. All injuries and/or accidents must be reported. 

Never leave the set or holding area without first asking permission from the Background Coordinator or 2nd AD. 

Do not take your cell phone or other mobile devices to set. Leave them in a secure place in holding and make sure they are turned off. All audio on your personal devices used in holding must be used with earphones. 

Do not touch any items belonging to someone else (i.e. newspapers, magazines, pens, etc.) without the consent of the owner. If there is a bag on the table in front of a chair, do not move it as the space is already taken. When someone is called to set, do not take over their space, as they will be returning. Do not use chairs to store your personal belongings. 

You may not take any photographs on the set or location. 

You may bring your own chair providing it will fit into the same space as the chair provided. The use of reclining chairs requires permission from the Background Coordinator. Your chair should never create an obstruction for others. 

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you observe unsafe conditions such as all tent flaps being closed, combustibles being within 1.37m (4’ 6”) of heaters, un-level or unsecured propane tanks, hairspray or paints being used in the tents, or if a heater is not functioning properly inform the Background Coordinator immediately.  Never move or tamper with radiant heaters; Never close tent flaps. If you or anyone else has signs or symptoms of CO Poisoning (headaches, nausea/vomiting, breathlessness, dizziness) evacuate the space immediately and then Inform the supervisor. Do not re-enter the space until it has been declared safe. 

Do not talk on set or add to the general noise of the working crew. When you are asked to MIME, just move your lips silently– do not whisper. 

Report to the set or location ready to work at the designated call time, allowing for travel time from where you park. The same applies to wardrobe calls. 

No performer shall be dismissed or disciplined for refusing to work in conditions that they reasonably believe to be unsafe. In fact, you are required to refuse work that you believe may harm you or someone else. Report any unsafe work to a Supervisor (BG Coordinator or AD). 

By law, workers have a responsibility to take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of other persons in the workplace. Members must not engage in horseplay or any activity that puts themselves or others at risk. Any concerns about workplace hazards, health, or safety should be directed to the Background Coordinator or by calling the Studio Safety Hotline which can be found on call sheets, posted at catering, or at the AD trailer. 

Sleeping on set or in holding is unacceptable. You are employed to work, which is from the moment you sign in to when you sign out. 

Do not share any information about a production on any social media sites. 

Unless you have been specifically advised otherwise, you should come to set Camera Ready. Do your hair and makeup at home. Arrive on set wearing an appropriate outfit for the scene. Bring two additional outfits with the appropriate accessories. All clothing must be clean and pressed and on hangers in order to remain wrinkle-free. Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe must be checked by each specific department before you go to set. Once checked, you remain in the outfit for the entire day, unless otherwise instructed. Your hair and makeup must also remain the same. 

Bring appropriate clothing to stay dry, cool, warm, etc., whichever applies. 

Before you wrap, return all wardrobe items to the wardrobe truck on hangers. If you need the items for continuity, make sure they are tagged with your name. Clean up your immediate area, placing all refuse in the garbage containers provided. When signing out, check your paperwork for any inaccuracies and retain a copy for your files. If there is an error, bring it to the attention of the Background Coordinator or AD.