Mission Statement: To advance recognition of the value and contributions Choreographers and Dancers bring to productions.

Vision Statement: The Dance Committee envisions a thriving dance community where all members are respected, valued, and free from discrimination. We understand that the dance community consists of people from many backgrounds and will approach all our initiatives through an intersectional lens.

Our Goal: To strengthen our community through cohesive standards and goals, and educational initiatives.

Who We Are: The UBCP/ACTRA Dance Committee is composed of UBCP/ACTRA dancer/choreographer members and includes a Toronto dance community ACTRA Member representative as an observer. 

To ensure diverse and equitable dance community representation, the committee will be comprised of: 

  • At least 3 Choreographers
  • At least 3 Dancers
  • Additional committee members serve irrespective of their designated performer category
  • The committee will strive to be as representative as possible (gender, race, choreographers/performers, dance styles, etc.)

The Dance Committee currently works with one Executive Board representative (a board liaison) and one UBCP/ACTRA representative, who help to facilitate the goals of the committee and the dance community.

What the Dance Committee Does:

  • Fields questions and concerns from the dance community and offers guidance and direction.
  • Communicates with the community about issues that affect the dance related aspects of our industry.
  • Sets the highest standards of practice and professionalism for the dance community 
  • Supports and encourages the transfer of knowledge via hosted events and informational seminars.
  • Promotes a culture of safety, personal responsibility, and accountability.
  • Creates opportunities for education within the dance community.
  • Creates opportunities to showcase the skill, talent and experience of our community to support job opportunities for Canadian dance performers.
  • Voices the concerns of the dance community with the Union and other industry partners.
  • Advocates on behalf of the dance community in matters related to bargaining union collective agreements.

Dance Committee Members

Louise Hradsky
Jeffrey Mortensen
Melena Rounis
Cara Lee
Greer Whillans
Jared Khalifa
Kane Nelson
Emilie Nimetz
Ross Wirtanen
Sharon Lee
Tessa Tamura
Troy McLaughlin
Mark Samuels (Toronto Observer)

Board Liaison: Anisha Cheema
Staff Liaison: Lori Stewart, Health & Safety Performer Advocate
Contact Lori: [email protected]
Dance Committee: [email protected]