Definition of a Dancer

/ˈdansər/ (n.)
a person who dances or whose profession is dancing.

  • Have professional materials such as Headshot, Resume and Demo Reel available upon request
  • Be skilled at working with others  – encourage a collaborative, positive environment
  • Be adaptable, aware and attentive
  • Prepare for and attend auditions, casting sessions and rehearsals
  • Get ready for performances by rehearsing and conditioning
  • Perform to live audiences and for television, film and music video productions
  • Be punctual to call times
  • Portray the vision of the Choreographer/Director/Writer
  • Discuss and interpret Choreography
  • Learn and make use of other skills such as singing, acting, and circus – many roles, for example in musical theatre, require a combination of performance skills
  • Take care of costumes and props
  • Take care of the health and safety of yourself and others

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3.13 No prohibited action
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A2002 Safety Provisions for Dancers 
Adequate time (up to thirty (30) minutes) and space must be provided to permit all Dancers to warm-up (perform limbering exercises) prior to dancing. In no event shall any Dancer be asked or assigned to rehearse on unsafe floors, or concrete cement, stone, or similar surfaces unless the surface is covered in such a manner as to result in a resilient dancing surface except on “camera day” when the requirements of other production equipment make use of such non-resilient surfaces unavoidable. It is understood that the Producer may request that the Union waive the above provisions which address non-camera day rehearsal when it is deemed that such precautions are not necessary for the style of dancing to be performed, such as the minuet. All Dancers shall be given prior notice if dancing on oily or wet surfaces is required. If a Dancer is not notified, the Dancer may refuse to perform on such oily or wet surfaces unless the Dancer has, or is provided, appropriate footwear.