UBCP/ACTRA offers a program that provides up to $250 reimbursement per benefit year to qualifying UBCP/ACTRA Members.  These funds are to be used for health spending needs as determined by the CRA medical expenses that are allowable for tax purposes. The Plan will be administered by AFBS and MBT.

a. Must be a UBCP/ACTRA Full Member who has reached age 65 AND has 10 (ten) years of cumulative membership with UBCP/ACTRA as a Full Member.  
b. Membership during all qualifying years must have been in Good Standing.  Good Standing means they were not resigned, suspended or withdrawn within the year.

a. Qualifying members can claim allowable expenses for a spouse (per the provincial definition).
b. A spouse must have also reached the age of 65 to qualify.
c. Expenses for any other dependents can NOT be claimed.

Member Earnings
a. There is no requirement for the qualifying member to have had earnings in any of the ten cumulative years.
b. There is no maximum limit on how much the qualifying member earned in the ten cumulative years.

The $250 can be spent on whichever specific care item is needed (within the CRA limits).

Dual Coverage – If the member has coverage elsewhere (employer’s program, spouse’s program, another union), that plan will be applied first.  The UBCP/ACTRA plan will be applied to the balance.

There is no requirement to prove financial need.

To apply fill and complete the form and send it to [email protected]