This is a fund that provides eligible UBCP/ACTRA Members with financial assistance for the cost of in-patient and out-patient treatment for substance use disorder and addiction.


  • Must be a UBCP/ACTRA Member In Good Standing.  This includes Full, Apprentice and Background members who have been actively working for 3 consecutive years. For the purpose of determining eligibility, the time period a member is in receipt of WCB benefits, STD benefits, LTD benefits, EI sickness benefits, or EI maternity and/or parental benefits shall count as “actively working”. 
  • Must complete assessment and referral by a mental health practitioner covered by the benefit plan (MBT or AFBS), or a physician, counsellor licensed/accredited substance use professional if you do not qualify for AFBS or MBT benefits.
  • Must attend a licensed or accredited substance use treatment facility, as set out in Section 5 below, to be eligible for this benefit.   
  • Must be willing to participate fully in their chosen treatment program.


A lifetime benefit towards the cost of any in-patient or out-patient substance use treatment program at an approved facility will be available to eligible UBCP/ACTRA members as follows (in Canadian dollars):

  1. Full Members – $10,000
  2. Apprentice and Background Members – $3,000


  1. Only licensed, and/or accredited substance use treatment facilities will be eligible for coverage under this policy. 
  2. For members in BC, a “licensed and/or accredited substance use treatment facility” means any facility listed by the Licensed Treatment and Recovery Services in British Columbia, as compiled by the BCCSU in partnership with the Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction and the Ministry of Health (See Appendix A below)
  3. Facilities not named on the Licensed Treatment and Recovery Services in BC list, that have been approved through your benefits provider (AFBS or MBT), shall be considered eligible treatment facilities.
  4. For members who reside outside of BC, a “licensed and/or accredited substance use treatment facility” means a facility that is licensed or accredited to provide treatment for substance use disorder and addiction in Canada. 
  5. Applications for licensed, recognized, accredited treatment facilities in the United States will be considered and may be approved at the discretion of the assigned UBCP/ACTRA Administrator of the fund. Members must apply for coverage with SAG/AFTRA first if you are a dual member. (Canadian dollar lifetime totals still apply)


The requesting member must complete and sign an application form, attached as Schedule “A”, requesting a specific amount under this policy, and must provide sufficient proof of attendance at a treatment facility and of the amount owing to the treatment facility as described in the paragraph below (“Application”). 


Once an Application has been received, the designated UBCP/ACTRA Administrator for the fund will review the document.  The Administrator will contact the requesting member in writing to confirm receipt and discuss any additional information needed for completion of the application. Once complete, the Administrator will submit the Application for approval. 

The information collected by the designated UBCP/ACTRA Administrator through the application process will only be used for the purpose of reviewing, assessing, and administering the application and payments.  The information collected will be kept confidential and will only be shared with other UBCP/ACTRA staff as is reasonably necessary for the assessment of the application and administration of the fund.


Upon completion and review of the application, the Administrator will approve the application and forward it to the Finance Department for payment providing all of the following conditions are met: 

  • The member is attending or has been approved to attend a licensed and/or accredited, in-patient, or out-patient treatment facility for substance use disorder or addiction, as described in Section 5 of this policy.  

  • Confirmation of attendance has been provided to the Administrator by the treatment facility and it is signed by the doctor, registered counsellor, or health care professional involved in the Member’s treatment. A draft confirmation is attached to this policy as Schedule “B”.

  • Confirmation of the cost of treatment and the remaining amount owing will be provided to the union by the treatment facility and should include the total cost of treatment, payments made and the remaining amount owing. 

The Finance Department will ensure that a copy of the Application and details of amounts approved are noted in the Member’s file.  In order to maintain the confidentiality of the applying member, no identifying details, (i.e. Member Name or UBCP/ACTRA number), will be included in any other internal reports or documentation.  


  • Any and all payments will be made directly to the treatment facility by UBCP/ACTRA. 

  • Payment under this policy will not exceed:
    i:   $10,000 for a Full Member and $3,000 for an Apprentice or Background Member, OR
    ii:  the cost of treatment, minus payments from other sources, such as MBT/AFBS/SAG/AFTRA, whichever is less.  

  • In the event that any amount of the payment is refunded, it will be refunded to UBCP/ACTRA. 

  • In the event that a refund is provided to the member directly in error, the member must remit the refund to UBCP/ACTRA immediately. Failure to do so will constitute a debt owing to the union.

Important Documents Needed To Apply