Choosing an Agent

A talent agent can help you find work and negotiate rates and working conditions above the UBCP/ACTRA scale.

Choosing a talent agent to represent you is a very big decision. The relationship you have with your agent could be crucial to your success. Not all talent agents offer the same level of service. And not all agents will be a good fit for you, or you for them. It is important you talk to your peers and do your research before selecting an agent to represent you.

In British Columbia, talent agents must be licensed by the BC Ministry of Labour. In addition, there are regulations governing the amount of commission and fees they may charge.

UBCP/ACTRA does not recommend or endorse any particular talent agency.  We do recommend you talk to your peers and do significant research.

Information on all the licensed Talent Agents in BC can be found here

Additional sources of information you may find helpful include:

Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada

Better Business Bureau 

Vancouver Actor’s Guide