Apprentice Stunt Coordinator Program

A Stunt Coordinator is required for any production that has stunts.  The Stunt Coordinator is responsible for the creating and engineering of stunts, as well as the engagement and supervision of Stunt Performers.

Stunt Coordinators can be found on the Union’s National Stunt Registry; otherwise, for the Ultra-Low Budget Productions, a Producer may engage an Apprentice Stunt Coordinator, provided the Apprentice meets the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be a UBCP/ACTRA Full Member in good standing.
  • Must have a minimum of 100 Stunt Performer days
  • Must have Supervisor training (Actsafe “Safety for Supervisors” or the BC FED or WorkSafeBC equivalent) to ensure awareness of the supervisor responsibilities under the laws of BC. CLICK HERE – for next available Supervisor Course at Actsafe (click on ‘REGISTER’ to see dates)
  • Must have completed the free, online “Motion Picture General Safety Awareness” – Course.  CLICK HERE
  • Must solicit 2 veteran Stunt Coordinators who are willing to mentor the Apprentice Stunt Coordinator and sign on as mentoring STCs to the production.

These 2 mentoring STCs must:

  • Be on the National Stunt Coordinator Registry, which requires a minimum of 425 stunt related days and have 10 years’ experience as an adult.
  • Be available to discuss and review stunt sequences and offer advice on how to plan, engineer and execute the stunts sequences safely and efficiently.
  • Review all required paperwork to ensure proper documentation and planning has occurred and/or instruct Apprentice on how to do so.
  • Be available to take calls on rehearsal and shooting days to support the Apprentice, if needed.