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Section A: Actor Upgrades

*PLEASE READ* For this criteria we look to see if a performer is verbally addressed as an individual by a Principal Actor. A performer can be addressed as a group and this criteria would not be met. For the “alone in the scene” aspect, this is alone for the entirety of the scene. Not “alone in the shot”, or “the only Background Performer in the scene with an Actor” – but rather, just you as a performer, alone for the whole scene.
*PLEASE READ* A background Performer can receive direction from a Director or 1st AD, as the performer will be appearing on camera. This includes technical direction such as marks, eye lines, timing etc. Substantial individual direction relates to how this direction then leads to performing an action or reaction that goes beyond the expected range of normal behavior – typically this means for the role you are inhabiting, given the context of the sequence. It is not an action that is beyond what other Background Performers are doing in the scene, or what is beyond what a performer “normally does as a BG” – it is beyond the expected range of normal behavior for the role they are inhabiting (i.e. a cop pockets evidence; a waiter throws a drink in someone’s face; an employee poisons their boss etc.).
*PLEASE READ* This is related to criteria (b)- how is your specific individual action/reaction (which goes beyond the expected range of normal behavior for the role you are inhabiting) is central to the story line.

Section B: Special Abilities Background Performer Upgrades

As per Article D204 of the BCMPA, a Special Abilities Background Performer means a Background Performer engaged to perform, either alone or as a member of a team or group, special silent businesses with a level of physical proficiency or other physical skills superior to that of the average person. Examples of such consist of sports, equestrian, water-skiing, diving, and discharging firearms.

Section C: Risk/Stunt Upgrades

As per Article A348 of the BCMPA, Risk Performance means the undertaking of any action by a Performer which could be considered dangerous and beyond the Performer’s general experience or the placing of the Performer in a position which would normally be considered hazardous.
*PLEASE READ* First it is important to note, that if you ever feel unsafe you have the right to refuse and a duty to report the situation to Production at the time. A Risk Performance is defined as undertaking an action that could be considered dangerous or being placed in a position which would normally be considered hazardous. These situations do not constitute a risk: getting injured, your proximity to a stunt performer, general physical contact with another performer, being in a scene with a stunt performer.

Section D: Additional Information

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