Who we are

The Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) is an autonomous branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), the national organization of professional performers working in the English-language recorded media in Canada. UBCP/ACTRA’s more than 8,000 members are an integral part of the approximately 28,000  performers who have come together to build ACTRA, the strongest Union of cultural workers in Canada.


We represent, protect and advance the interests of professional performers in British Columbia and the Yukon and promote a thriving, inclusive, and diverse film, and recorded media industry in Canada.


We negotiate fair wages and safe working conditions for all performers. We advocate for the protection of performers’ rights, and ethical and professional standards in the industry, as well as encourage and support the creation of work opportunities for our members.


Social Responsibility

Why Join?
When you’re part of UBCP/ACTRA, you’re part of the strongest, full-service cultural union in Canada. Think of it like a 28,000-strong family that’s got your back.

We have negotiated some of the strongest collective agreements for performers in the world and we stand together to make sure engagers deliver the pay and protections that we’ve been promised.

There are many good reasons to be part of our union – here are six:

Better pay
When you work under a union contract on a union set you are guaranteed a minimum fee. 

Retirement benefits
Full union members receive retirement contributions. Every time you work, the producer contributes to your RRSP. As well, you will have a portion of your earnings automatically contributed to your personal RRSP. 

Health benefits
Once you attain full member status and choose a benefit provider you may be eligible for benefits that will allow you to access to a range of health benefits provided by the benefit provider you have chosen (either AFBS or MBT). In addition to extended medical, dental and eye care, you will be provided health benefits for retirement facilities, home care and assistance support, special needs, prolonged illness, extended disabilities, addiction treatment, and funerals. The coverage may also include your spouse/partner, and any dependent children.

Work opportunities
When you work UBCP/ACTRA you’re considered a professional performer by the film, television and digital media industry and have preference of engagement. You will have access to training programs where you can meet other professionals and learn the inside track of the acting world from how to land the audition, to working with your agent, to managing your finances.

UBCP/ACTRA’s agreements cover all audio-visual productions and offer a number of incentive programs for lower-budget Canadian productions as well.

Intervention when there’s trouble
Our collective agreements establish minimum fees, terms and working conditions on behalf of members working in the recorded media industry. These agreements make sure you get paid a fair wage and they have language that offers protections when you work. The agreements cover health and safety, work hours, set conditions, nudity, and harassment and protections for young performers.

For on set concerns call Call UBCP/ACTRA

Fighting for Canadian culture
When you work UBCP/ACTRA, you’ll be a member of one of BC and Canada’s leading cultural organizations. Our union is a vocal advocate for the arts and the right for Canadians to have opportunities to tell their stories. Through ongoing media and lobbying campaigns that target all levels of government, we speak out for the development and protection of Canadian culture, a strong film, television and digital media industry, and increased work opportunities for members.

How to Become a Member

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Responsibilities of Membership

Retirement Health Benefits