Solidarity is fundamental to our strength as a union.

We only make progress if we stick together.

Why would any producer pay UBCP/ACTRA rates if they could get UBCP/ACTRA talent at a fraction of the cost?

Whether Background, Apprentice, or Full member, you have a responsibility to other members to refuse all non-union work.  The members believe this so strongly that our constitution and bylaws contain very strict penalties for those who work in non-union productions, including permanent expulsion from the union.

If you have information on non-union production, please contact or 604 689-0727 extension 2249.

We will approach the production with the many benefits of working under our contracts.

Help us turn non-union commercials into union production

By reporting any details you have on non-union commercials, you will be helping us in our campaign to reach out to the advertisers and turn those productions into union productions.

Please contact or  604 689-0727 extension 2249.

UBCP/ACTRA has agreements for all sizes of production. 

If you are asked to perform in a student film or other low budget production, make sure the producer has signed a contract with UBCP/ACTRA.

The Union has established Ultra Low Budget Programs in order to allow Union Members and producers the ability to work together on low-budget productions while protecting the rights of the performers.

  • Student ULB Program
  • 40 Under Indie ULB Program
  • Standard ULB Program.
  • Other Agreements

UBCP/ACTRA members launch of the Equity Film Incentive BC Campaign!

Did you know racialized workers make up 29% of BC’s labour force but only 15% of workers in BC’s thriving film and TV industry? That Indigenous and differently-abled workers are also seriously underrepresented in BC Film? And that for over a decade women have been stuck at just 32% of all work in our industry, despite making up 48% of the provincial work force? 

More than half of  UBCP/ACTRA members are seriously impacted by current unfair hiring practices in our industry. Like many jurisdictions, your union wants to change this reality. We propose modernizing BC’s successful tax credit system with the Equity Film Incentive BC.

Treasurer Ellie Harvie moderated a panel of members including Tricia Collins, Dhirendra Miyanger, Maja Aro, Lorne Cardinal, Winnie Hung, Darby Steeves and Trevor Lerner hearing how their careers have been impacted by lack of opportunity, and what a difference a tax credit incentive would make. 

Click the link below to hear the panel: