Designed for projects with a total budget of $40,000 or less.

  • All cast must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. only under extraordinary circumstances, UBCP/ACTRA may allow up to one (1) star Performer who is neither a Canadian Citizen nor a Permanent Resident. 
  • In recognition of the need for diverse and inclusive casting, the producer commits to a casting process that considers all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law, subject to legitimate casting requirements.
  • After recouping the total production budget, the Producer shall pay 20% of Distributor’s Gross Revenue which will be shared amongst the Performers
  • Performers may negotiate a session fee or may agree to waive their fees (excluding Distributors Gross Revenue)
  • Affordable “Accident on Set Insurance” is required for any unpaid UBCP/ACTRA Members and is available by contacting AFBS
  • WorkSafeBC coverage is required by BC law for any paid performers
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance is required if stunts are to be performed

Simple Steps to working with Professional Talent:


At least five business days prior to first scheduled day of shooting, please submit the following to [email protected]

  • Application form – click here. (To fill form in online please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome)
  • Script
  • Budget: Please attach a copy of the budget which declares all cash payments and donations in separate columns
  • Cast list (click here for a template)
  • Crew list

You MUST receive confirmation of your application from UBCP/ACTRA before contacting the insurance provider needed.


Apply for the necessary insurance:

  • Accident on Set Insurance:  If Union Members are not being paid, Accident on Set insurance is required. Apply for Accident on Set Insurance through AFBS ( by calling the program administrator in Toronto at 1 800 387-8897, extension 304, or by email [email protected]

    Please note that it may take up to five business days for AFBS to process insurance applications and their office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

  • WorkSafeBC insurance: If you are paying a Performer, under BC law you are required to contact WCB regarding required employee coverage. Please forward the registration to your designated UBCP/ACTRA representative.

If your production requires stunts you will need the following:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL): Productions which include stunts must have Commercial General Liability Insurance. Please see Schedule “A” of the Ultra-Low Budget agreement for the CGL insurance requirements. Please forward the CGL certificate to your designated UBCP/ACTRA representative.
  • A UBCP/ACTRA approved Stunt Coordinator – Click here for more info on Stunt Coordinators


Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2, UBCP/ACTRA will provide you with the 40 Under Indie ULB Agreement. Please sign and return it to UBCP/ACTRA.

Return Forms

Once you have provided UBCP/ACTRA with the signed 40 Under Indie Agreement, you will be provided with Performer Forms. Please have all union and non-union Performers (except background performers) sign the forms. Return these signed forms to UBCP/ACTRA along with a final cast list indicating each Performer’s name, addresses, SIN, GST (if applicable) and the number of days worked.

Please note: If the production has a distribution agreement in place: Fees in an aggregate amount equal to twenty percent (20%) of Distributors’ Gross Revenue (the “DGR) shall be issued to the Union for distribution to Performers, provided that no amounts shall be paid until such time as the Producer’s Total Production Cash Cost is recouped from the Distributor’s Gross Revenue. The 20% of DGR is shared amongst the Performers based on days worked as provided by the Producer. DGR payments shall be issued to the Union for distribution to Performers in accordance with the Reporting and Payment Procedure of the BCMPA.

Please note: If Performers are required to stay overnight at a distant location: Please contact a ULB Program Administrator at [email protected]or 604-689-0727 for further information regarding the expenses and requirements associated with shooting at distant locations.


The total cash costs for the production must be $40,000 or less. “Total Cash Costs” include, but are not limited to, all sums paid for goods and services including payment of cast and crew fees, tape or film stock, equipment hire, insurance premiums, and post production facilities.  “Total Non-Cash Costs” should be included in a separate column in the budget and include, but are not limited to, all waivers, donations; and ‘in-kind’ goods and services.

The 40 Under Indie ULB Program does not require the producer to pay Performers a session fee unless they negotiate one.  If you do pay a session fee, UBCP/ACTRA does not require you to make deductions under this program.

Accident on Set insurance from AFBS is required for all unpaid Union Members. Please see for additional information, or contact the Program Administrator at [email protected].

WorkSafe BC insurance is required by BC Law if any Performers are receiving compensation (payment is not required under the 40 Under Indie Program, but may be negotiated with Performers).

If your production includes stunts, UBCP/ACTRA requires you to have Commercial General Liability coverage (please see Schedule A for details).

Under special circumstances, UBCP/ACTRA may consider allowing a maximum of one (1) star Performer who is not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Please contact a ULB Program Administrator for more information.

Many productions have both Union and non-Union members.  There is no limitation or restriction as to how many UBCP/ACTRA members you must cast. You may cast all UBCP/ACTRA members, or just one.

No.  Working on an Ultra-Low Budget production does not count as a credit towards Union membership.

The Ultra-Low Budget Program may allow Performer to stay overnight at a distant location. Please contact an Ultra-Low Budget administrator for more information about our travel requirements.

UBCP/ACTRA requires the address, SIN number, and number of days worked for each Performer.  This information is used by UBCP/ACTRA for the sole purpose of distributing residuals that may become due to Performers should your project generate revenue.

Under the 40 Under Indie Ultra-Low Budget Program, the producer shall pay Performers an amount equal to 20% of Distributor’s Gross Revenue.  If your production receives revenue, contact our Distribution Department at (604) 689-0727.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered? E-mail [email protected] or call (604) 689-0727